“Thank God For AIDS”

In order to satisfy the whining of AIDS so-called activists, primarily consisting of homosexuals and their cronies, the US has consistently poured billions of dollars into AIDS research – just in government funding. Private research foundations and charities have also put additional millions of dollars into AIDS research.

Rather than address the source of AIDS and the types of people who keep it prevalent in American society, the media has put the emphasis on feeling sorry for those who have contracted HIV/AIDS, no matter if they contracted it through homosexual sex or other perverted means.

In 1998 and 1999, perverts everywhere celebrated a decline in the deaths of those with AIDS, primarily crediting AIDS research and new drugs. (Note that we are talking about a decline in death rate, not necessarily infection rates.) Now, however, death rates are leveling off and are expected to begin increasing again. Despite billions of dollars misspent on AIDS research, homosexuals are back to their old habits – multiple partners and sodomy with no condoms in bathhouses and bushes. This, of course, is increasing the spread of HIV/AIDS among the homosexual population once again.

Researchers are alarmed because of high infection rates among homosexuals, bisexuals, blacks, and Hispanics – rates disproportionately high to white people. Of course, the media will lead you to believe that oppression of these groups by white Americans has led to their troubles. Yet, recent studies have shown that there is little difference between the sexual practices of low-income and high-income black women. In other words, “socioeconomic” status has little to do with who contracts AIDS, rather, the perverted lifestyle practiced by degenerates is the main contributing factor.

On another note, Catholic priests have also recently received media attention for the rates of homosexual priests with AIDS who have died and may now be infected. Several books and articles have been published recently regarding the infusion of homosexuals into the Catholic priesthood. One estimates that 25-45 percent of American Catholic priests are homosexuals. While this in itself is not considered wrong by the Catholic Church, they do consider it wrong for priests to break their vow of celibacy and act out their homosexual desires.

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