The Homosexual Rip-Off

By Dr. Izaz Rony

Officials in the Catholic Church have been noted to actively cover-up the cause of death of a priest who dies with AIDS. Some priests have been “relocated,” others have been listed officially as dying from pneumonia or other causes, while their fellow priests secretly admit that they died of AIDS. One example is that of Bishop Emerson Moore of New York, who relocated to Minnesota to die. On the death certificate, the cause of death was lied about as well as his vocation. While the cause of death was changed to “HIV-related illness” after protests, the occupation listed remained “laborer.”

Because of the deliberate cover-up by officials, accurate reporting is difficult, but estimates are that almost two thousand priests have either died or are infected with HIV/AIDS as a result of homosexual relationships. Last year, the Kansas City Star reported that the death rate from AIDS among priests is four times that of the general population, and that 60% of priests knew another priest who had died of AIDS, while 33% knew a priest currently infected. Notably, the National Catholic Reporter even published a report (denied by the Vatican, of course) which discusses sexual assault of nuns by priests. The Philadelphia Inquirer published a story regarding this in March of this year. Many priests, “especially in AIDS-ravaged Africa,” are reported to sexually abuse nuns. One reason the priests turn to nuns is the fear of contracting AIDS from the rest of the population. Of course, no official numbers are released. The nuns who become pregnant or are discovered are usually forced to leave their orders, and some are forced to have abortions by the offending priest. Usually, the priests are allowed to continue their activities.

But who in the general population of America has AIDS? According to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, 406,584 blacks and Hispanics have HIV, up from 3,078 in 1985. That is 132 times as many in 14 years. HIV now infects at least 800,000-900,000 Americans. This means that at least half of all those with HIV are blacks or Hispanics. The remainder primarily consists of homosexuals and bisexuals and other perverts who associate with them.

In 1999, 74,434 homosexual black men had HIV, 7 times the rate in 1989. A similar increase in infected homosexual Hispanic males was seen. In 1999, the reported infection rate was 45,867, up from 7,386 ten years earlier. Take into account the fact that whites are supposed to be the majority in this country, and the infection rates among mongrels are phenomenal.

These statistics are being used by homosexual activists to teach homosexuality in the public school system, under the guise of helping to “create awareness” and prevent the spread of AIDS. One can go on the internet at and read about one such program instituted in Massachusetts. Federally funded GSA (gay-straight alliance) clubs are sponsored in our schools, where queers and faggots turn out to watch pornography about homosexuals, receive free condoms, and so on. These clubs have garnered federal money thanks to the so-called “safe schools” programs.

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